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Webmasters, we hope that these resources will be helpful to you. These are all free services and are easy ways to generate traffic, or earn extra money for your rescue group.

Get Paid for your thoughts! Survey Savvy link.

Join Survey Savvy to get paid for your opinion. You will also get referral payments for those that sign up through your site. This is a fun and easy way to get extra money for your rescue web site.

Join the largest affiliate network. It's free, it's easy.

Linkshare will give you access to many affiliate programs, with the ease of using just one web site. This is totally free to sign up for, and you can join as many partners as accept you. The money earned is dependant on the retailer.


Animal Link Exchange is a free traffic site for all pet related web pages. You generate banner ads by clicks that come from your own site. You can pay for more views, or just use the free service.

 My Survey.com Take surveys and earn points for cash and prizes.

My Survey is a site that pays in points for surveys, and also gives great chances for raffles and other prizes, including cash. You get 150 points for each referral, which can add up if you get a lot of people.


Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

You can set up a free store and sell t-shirts and other merchandise with your rescue group logo on it. You don't have to do anything other than set it up, and link to it. They handle all the shipping and printing, and it is very easy to use. You also get money when you reffer others and they create a store.

My Pet Pages.com

Make sure your page is listed in the pet resources.

Aimee's Animals Banner

Make sure your animal rescue group is listed on our site. We provide free traffic to sites, and also will do reciprocal links with other sites that relate to pets, animal welfare, or humane issues.

Get paid for your opinion! There is also an affiliate program.